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A thought from our Houston sign company | Your business sign has a direct influence on the way your potential clients perceive it, which is why consulting us first is very important. We have been working with Houston signs and banners for over 40 years, providing all our customers with services of a superior quality that focus on their needs and satisfaction. Our company offers you the opportunity to benefit from preliminary services and a free quote, then we will start working on your business sign, making sure that the finished product will fulfill your needs and requirements.

The process requires you to send a simple picture submission taken with your cell phone directly to us via email. This will fasten the process and will ensure you of next day service, and the waiting period will be completely eliminated.

Furthermore, we will provide you with a sketch of what your storefront will look like, including color rendering of the potential results you will receive from our company.

The quote we will provide will be decided depending upon a number of factors, which may include signage cost, permit costs and, last but not least, installation costs. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, as we will offer you our entire Houston sign services package, allowing you to get each of them individually if necessary. For instance, you may choose us to get a sign permit here in Houston, TX, or you can opt for having your current signs in Houston TX installed on the storefront of your business.

Please keep in mind that your signs will be made according to your design specifications during the manufacturing process. In most cases, the installation of your signage will be performed two weeks after a permit is issued for it. The manufacturing completion time will be calculated depending upon the following formula: level of intricate lettering design work plus installation cost plus permit.

Our company also specializes in cleaning services, so you can schedule a maintenance on your existent business signage if you wish within one or two days, based off what you really want.

As for the payment method, we accept all types of credit cards with PayPal offering an efficient and completely secure transaction process. We take pride in our services and we are the only signs Houston sign company that offers financing available for any budget, so you will never have to pay more than you can afford. If you are seeking a good Houston sign company and you feel undecided, our company will offer you a professional team of experts who will address your requirements perfectly.