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A Few Things For You To Keep In Mind When Designing Your Business Sign

As a business owner, it is important to make your company look professional. One way of doing this is by purchasing and displaying quality looking signage for the property or building. Signs are an inexpensive yet effective alternative that can convey professionalism while adding appeal to your establishment’s exterior design!

Think of your business as more than just a name and logo. Your company has an identity that is unique to you. You can use signs  both outdoors or indoors in order to give potential customers the feeling of being welcomed by you and your brand!

In a recent study, 76% of customers said they had entered stores that were unfamiliar to them just because the signs convinced them that it was worth their time.

The way your signage is designed and positioned can have a tremendous impact on the success of your business.

The latest research reveals that around 60% of businesses who improve visibility with new signs report an increase in sales and profits, demonstrating just how much a sign can make to your company’s bottom line.

Picking the perfect sign for your business can be a daunting task! There are so many options to choose from, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed before you even start! But don’t worry, we’re here with some tips that will help you to decide what type of sign is best suited for your business.

But first of all, it’s important to understand why business signs are important. The importance of a sign for your business cannot be understated. A well-made and creative sign can help you in so many ways!

If you’re feeling like your business is just another face in the crowd, it’s time to step up. As we have already mentioned, your sign can make all of the difference by bringing new people into your store.

Good signage is a great way for your business’s name to get out there and start planting the seeds of future sales. It’s not enough anymore just to be well-known, you want people to know who they are dealing with before even stepping foot inside your store!

How do you determine what type of sign your business needs, and what should you include?

Here are 5 things to keep in mind when designing your business sign…

1. Always Include Your Logo

Your logo should be included in all of your business communications, from your email signature to your online advertising on social media. our business sign is no different – be sure to include your logo in all of your signage. Many businesses choose only to spell out their names in their signs, but the more often people see your logo on anything that is related to your business, the quicker they will begin to tie the two together in their minds.

Logos should always be on your business signage because they provide the initial recognition of a company, and over time it will also provide a sense of reliability for the customers when they are considering doing business with you.

2. Stay Consistent

The colors on your sign should match the rest of your marketing strategy to ensure a cohesive brand. If customers see that in everything that you do, they will be more likely to learn to trust and support your business as well!

The colors and design of your signs should reflect what type of company you are. For example, an attorney company will have a more serious tone than a local bakery, which should portray something a little more light-hearted.

Do keep in mind that the trick is consistency across all of your signage, and showing that you understand your market. Keeping the same style, tone of voice, and branding colors will make it easier to present a consistent message. This can then be used to your advantage against competitors who have mixed messages.

3. Personalizing Your Signage

You may have noticed a lot of businesses also use images in their signs. This is because an image can say a lot more than you could write in 1000 words! So, when designing your sign you might want to consider whether adding pictures, or graphics will add something new and interesting that could help you communicate with customers better.

Remember that you don’t want to be exactly the same as your competition with your signage. You should be the innovator! Consider adding a special message to make your signs more personalized and authentic.

Some ideas for unique messages might be things such as thanking community members who have supported your business over time, promoting local events, or publicly congratulating staff members who’ve just got married. Always think outside of the box!

4. Always Keep In Mind The End Goal of the Sign

It’s said that you can tell as much about a person from their voice, as you can tell by what they say. The same is true for businesses! A sign announces your business to passersby. So how do you want them to feel when they see it?

You also need to consider how will people get to see the sign? Are you targeting people who happen across it by accident or are browsing through stores nearby? Or perhaps you have some kind of advertising campaign that will drive people directly to the location of the sign. With the former you will most likely need to include some kind of design that will make the sign stand out so that it is noticeable.

When you’re looking to design a business sign, it’s important that you think about the whole picture. Signs are a great way to draw attention on both an outside and inside level, but they can also influence potential customers in different directions. Sometimes even leading them straight towards an impulse buy!

5. The Type of Sign That Best Suits Your Needs

Creating signs for your business can be a rewarding experience, but it is important to make sure that you are doing as much research on the different options when deciding how best to market yourself.

Mounting external signage for businesses has become increasingly popular in recent years, yet there still remains some confusion about exactly what kind of sign might work best depending on the individual needs of each company or organization. Some people may decide they want an exterior ground mounted sign while others prefer something more subtle like one mounted onto their building facade instead; this all depends largely upon aesthetic preferences and budget.

Downtown shopping areas are the perfect venue for your business to get its message out to the masses. Mounting a sign on your building can help you win over potential customers in this kind of bustling environment.

In conclusion…

The question of what to include in your business signs and what type of signs you should create is a tough one. There are many important considerations for you to keep in mind, because your signage should be more than just an announcement about your service – they should always be considered as sales tools that are potentially powerful profit makers!

Are you thinking of getting a new sign created for your business? You can get expert advice today on what are the best signage options for your company by contacting us at (713) 645-4527. Or, you can send us a direct message through our Contact Us page.

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