Design & Layout

About Your Signage

When you need to have business signs made, you need to know beforehand what kind of signage you’re going to need and what designs your signs are to come in.

You also need to know which signs need to follow the rules and regulations set by the landlord for compliant signage.

We need to know these requirements in order to design your signs accordingly. Since not all of your signage needs to comply with such rules or regulations, it’s highly recommended to ask your landlord what the requirements are.


Our Goal

The goal with our Houston sign fabrication is to have customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our fabrication is based around understanding our customers and providing custom and quality service. Our manufacturing flexibility and value allows for the best buying experience.

The 43 years of proven manufacture experience ensures high production standards, which helps you convey your message of quality products and/or services at your business location.

The Qualified craftsmen will build your signage from concept to completion of your project.


Our Goal

A to Z Sign Company is your complete sign-solution company, from A to Z. We handle everything from sign design to sign installation.

When ordering your sign(s), it is important to know where and how the sign will be installed. Many of our sign products can easily be installed by you or your employees. A to Z Sign Company can provide you with the necessary tools and instructions for self-installation.

However, for our other sign products which you aren’t able to self-install, we have the experts and technical know-how to taking care of those installations. Also, with regards to exterior signage such as monument signs and LED signs, permitting is also required. A to Z Sign Company will ensure that all necessary permits and paperwork are in order before we begin each installation. Once the paperwork is taken care of, we will schedule installations that fit into our clients’ schedules, while completing the project in a timely manner.

Sign Service

We offer competitive pricing, industry know-how, and great service. Give us the chance to satisfy your Houston sign fabrication and maintenance needs.

Often times, our relationship starts by doing sign maintenance for a sign which was not fabricated or installed by us. That is why we offer sign maintenance on select signage products. All of our sign service techs are educated in the latest training in technology and safety.

Our sign maintenance service are designed, taking you the customer into consideration. Keeping your signs in operational order is our concern; it should not be yours.

Give us a chance to handle all of your sign repair needs. With our company history in the sign industry dating back since 1972, as one of the premier Houston signs companies, A to Z Sign Company has the experience and capabilities you need to get your signage in working order.