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Signs can be great marketing tools that will help people find your business. They can be seen from blocks away, so they’re eye-catching, which in turn means you should have no trouble getting people into your store. This is because signs showcase products and services you offer and make it easier for people to find what they’re looking for. Signs are a great way of advertising for any business in a cost-effective way. 

Steps In Sign Making Process

Assessment Of Sign Needs

The first step would be deciding how much marketing space do I have available at my location? Next, do I need to sign? If so, is it indoors or outdoors, and what will the sign be made of? Finally, once you have decided to sign for your business, you need to choose a Sign Company.

Choose A Sign Company

There are many sign companies out there that provide both exterior signage and indoor sign work for businesses. You can find Sign companies and stores by doing a google map search or a google search with sign store plus location. Check out sign company websites to see what they offer and determine the type of sign you want.

Good sign companies aim to provide the best customer service possible and sign their work by providing a sign that has been tested on both resistance and durability. The sign company will also mark their work with the warranty logo, another sign of quality assurance.

The sign company will ask what type of sign you want, where the sign should be installed, and what size it needs to be for them to create a quote based on your specifications. The sign company will provide recommendations when it comes time to install signage, but they do installations as well, so make sure you ask them for a quote.

Estimate Of Costs For Sign Work

Signs may vary in price depending on the sign material used. The estimation process begins with a conversation on what type of sign is desired (vinyl or aluminum) and whether an existing sign will be used or sign panels need to be created.

You can choose from vinyl banners, lighted signs tables, metal signage (aluminum), wood products such as wooden nameplates, corrugated plastic signs, or Plexi signs with cutouts in them for lettering needs. These different materials offer something unique regarding price point and durability, but they all have their advantages depending on your business needs.

Typically there are two sign types: lighted signs and non-lighted signs.

Lighting sign typesLED, backlit sign displays, and neon lighting sign displays

Non-lighting sign types: These include vinyl letter signage or sign panels for storefront windows with reflective film applied to the rear surface of the letters.

neon sign ask

Sign Design and Planning

Signs can be customized and personalized to meet your sign needs. A sign designer is chosen, and a sign layout plan for the business is created. The sign layout, graphics placement, color scheme selection are determined based on the client’s preference. Read this article for a basic understanding of Sign Making. The sign company will use the sign design to create a template for sign panels and apply it to the substrate. After signing off on the sign design, your new signage is completed and ready to install!

Sign Fabrication & Sign Installation

The sign company will fabricate the sign design, then install it onsite. The sign is anchored to a surface using hardware. A professional installer guarantees proper installation of your signage so that customers can easily find your business in a busy neighborhood or shopping center.

fast and urgent care sign

Sign Maintenance

Signs need to be maintained regularly. Therefore, the sign company will offer you sign maintenance, which may include touch-ups and cleanings. These are done on a schedule based on the area of sign exposure (windshield or storefront) and how often customers walk by it.

Cleaning your sign panels is recommended every six months with a power wash to remove dirt, grime, and other debris from signage surfaces. In addition, you should perform touch-ups for common signs at least once per year when vinyl lettering gets dull or scratched up over time.

Signage is a powerful marketing tool that will help you attract potential customers. It is essential to make sure that you have an excellent sign design. The installation must also be done correctly for your sign to become a successful marketing tool.

Are You Looking For A Sign Company In Houston?

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You can trust us because we are committed to providing quality assurance on our work by signing it off with our warranty logo. Signage is an essential part of any business’s marketing strategy – make sure yours stands out from the rest!

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