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Signage is a powerful marketing tool that can help a business stand out from the competition. However, it’s vital to use signage correctly or end up being ineffective and even detrimental to your company.

This article will introduce you to types of signage, how you can use them for different kinds of businesses, and some common mistakes people make when designing their signs.


Types Of Signage

There are many types of signage that you can use, but the most common types include:

Awning Signs

These signs have a small box on top with an angled face, and they’re typically mounted at eye level. They usually advertise what’s going on inside or outside your business by listing things like “Dentist” or “Hair salon.”

Directional Signs

You’ll often see these types of signs when driving because they point people in different directions.

Pole Signs

This type includes anything from banners to sandwich boards that are displayed vertically. It advertises what’s for sale, specials, where something is located, etc., and it reaches more people than directional signage does since it stands out to those on foot.

Window Signs

This type of signage is the most common, and it’s typically an A-frame sign that displays advertisements for what you’re selling inside or outside your business.

How Do Types Of Signs Work?

Every type of signage has a different function. Still, signage all have one thing in common: They create awareness about whatever product or service you offer so that people know why they should come into your store instead of going elsewhere.

Awning signs are best for attracting shoppers who are already inside a store but may want to leave or need more information about what they can find inside. Pole signs are great for attracting people driving by who are looking for directions, and directional signage is perfect for helping people find the right place.

Businesses located in busy areas tend to use directional signage, while companies trying to advertise specials may choose window or pole signs. For example, if someone sees directional signage pointing them to where they need to go, their first impression will be positive. It feels like the person knows exactly where they’re going without asking anyone else for directions.

Window signs are great because they’re not limited to one location – an essential consideration if you have multiple storefronts in different areas. Also, if window signage is the only type available, it’s helpful when people can see it from the other side of the window to know which business they’re looking for.

Common Mistakes

Use Signs Strategically

Forgetting that signage will only work if your customers know about it! First, you need to make sure they have a good reason to come into or stay in your store, and by strategically using types of signs, you’ll be able to do just that.

For example, if you’re using street signs, they should be placed near where people are walking or driving so that their chances of noticing it are higher. Window signage is best if you’re located in a busy area because it’s visible from the other side of the window and can be seen by more people.

Not Updating Signage

If people don’t even know something about your sign, they won’t do anything about it (i.e., coming in). In addition, not updating signage regularly is another mistake many businesses make – whether this means updating prices for specials or adding new types of products/services, so passers-by are aware these things exist too.

Signage Not Readable

Finally, not making your signage readable from far away is a common mistake, and it’s essential to take this into account because people will have no idea what you’re advertising if they can’t read it.

Other Types Of Mistakes Include:

– Don’t use directional signage to draw attention to your products or services; instead, use them for directing customers who are already inside toward the things they want.

– Don’t use window signage if you’re located in a residential area because it’s more likely to get vandalized or stolen.

– Don’t use awning signs if you’re in an area where there is heavy traffic because they may be too high for people to see, and instead choose something lower like pole signage.

– If your business faces competition, then make sure that the types of signs you put up are more attractive or show customers what sets your store apart from the others.

Benefits of Signs

The benefits of signs for business include:

  • Advertising your product or service
  • Communicating new campaigns and help locate one’s store.
  • Signs are a cost-effective marketing tool that can help improve brand awareness,
  • It gives you a competitive advantage in the market and increases customer traffic to stores.

Signage is a very effective marketing tool that can help improve brand awareness, give you a competitive advantage in the market, and keep customers coming to your store. Since signage has many types, you’ll want to use them strategically and consider updating them regularly since this can make or break your business. There are easy steps to creating signage for your business and your sign company or store will guide you through the process. 

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